MedMel     The Music of Medieval Vernacular Lyric

The MedMel project contains digital editions of monodic melodies of Troubadours, Trouvères and Trobadores lyrics, and it is aimed at musicologists, philologists and performers.
The MedMel database allows you to search lyrics and melodic patterns, customize your visualization, switch from modern to ancient notation, export the music sheet and listen to the melody.
The digital editions are created with the MelMed Editor, which we made publicly available for scholars and musicians who need an expressive and simple tool to transcribe medieval music.


In the Viewer you will find all the public transcriptions. You will be able to look into songs, authors, and manuscripts, find the digital edition of a melody and customize your visualizion.

Melody Search

You can search melodic snippets within the encoded melodies. For now, you can only look up exact matches, but we are working to make it possible to also find similar patterns and variants.

Compare Melodies

Visualize different versions of a song or compare any melody you want. Hide identical notes, higlight differences and make exciting musicological discoveries.

Medieval Music Editor

You can transcribe in modern stemless, square and even Messin notation. Export your edition as pdf, html, MEI Neume files, or simply take a screenshot. To get started, log in and follow a few simple instructions


Project director : Stefano Milonia (University of Warwick)
Developers : Stefano Milonia, Andrea Reale (Università degli Studi di Modena)
Collaborators : Ermes Faillace (Università di Roma Sapienza), Adriana Camprubí Vinyals (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)